100% carrier neutral SMS trading platform

Carrier neutral SMS Platform for SMS Wholesale

Cloud-based SMS software built only for SMS trading.

SMS Platform is a fully-equipped business SMS platform for Voice carriers, SMS aggregators, Mobile operators, OTTs, and enterprises. The platform is a hosted, turn-key SMS trading solution. It is completely carrier neutral, intuitive to use and it doesn't require any hardware or software. With our SMS Platform, you are able to run your SMS wholesale business from A-Z, including detailed message testing, effective routing, and pricing options and built-in finances and billing system.

Run the entire SMS wholesale business and resell SMS traffic all over the world from a single place with minimal manual work! 
The pricing packages are very attractive, purposely created to enable profitable SMS trading business for our wholesale clients. Monetize wholesale messaging avoiding unnecessary costs using platform’s testing and monitoring systems.

Routing by Network, Pricing, Bulk Rerouting, SMS Firewall, Filters, HLR/MNP, DLR check.

Real-time Margin check, Reporting, CDR, Statistics. Finance & Billing, 24/7 Support.

100% sales-driven platform

Award-winning SMS Wholesale platform is a secure, user-friendly and target-driven Bulk SMS software. It helps you make the best decisions to increase the revenue and profit margins in the profitable A2P niche.

White-label SMS platform

SMS Platform features white-label support: you can design the portal with your brand. Easily add a corporate brand to a user interface.


HORISEN hosted SMS platform is automated, 100% web-based software. You don’t need to invest in any Hardware or Software (no Capex), nor to maintain such infrastructure.

Increase SMS revenues

Automated, flexible routing options help you fine-tune routing options to the slightest detail to maximize the profit. SMS firewall and filtering options ensure lower costs and better traffic monetization.


The robust SMS trading platform features a comprehensive set of features for managing and optimizing your SMS wholesale business. Powerful back-end is combined with user-friendly front-end.

Cost-effective SMS software

Our platform is fully automated and fully managed solution, 100% oriented to saving capital and operating expenses. Reduce routing operations costs with intelligent & automated routing.

One platform for the entire SMS wholesale business

Superior features for powerful business

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Our SMS Platform is NOT an SMS version of any voice system. It's built only for SMS.

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