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Award-winning SMS Wholesale Trading Platform

Run the entire SMS business from a fully-equipped SMS platform.

HORISEN SMS Platform is a carrier-grade cloud software built for end-to-end SMS trading business. It is tailored for Mobile operators, Voice & SMS carriers and SMS aggregators. Our platform covers all aspects of SMS wholesale business. With highly intuitive web portal, SMS Platform helps your team to manage the daily business in no time. It simplifies and automates the work, helps you grow business and increase SMS traffic monetization. Easily add partners & clients’ details, benefit from a detailed real-time statistic, custom drill down options, analytics with laser-precise filters, automated invoicing, and many more.

General description

SMS Platform is a hosted turnkey SMS reseller solution, including switching, routing, pricing, billing and fault management. Our sophisticated software is a fully-featured all-in-one SMS trading solution for those who run SMS wholesale business, but it is also ideal for those willing to start trading with SMS from the scratch. The cloud-based platform enables you to build scalable and reliable SMS services which can range from one connection to thousands of connections per platform partner.

Our SMS Platform addresses all aspects of SMS Wholesale Business and offers an easy-to-use web portal for your team to manage the daily business:

  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Routing
  • Routing statistics
  • Testing
  • Support

Our hosted SMS reseller solution delivers messages securely, reliably and instantly all over the world. It supports high-volume sending. Once registered, the user gets the access to all services included. Also, the platform supports service upgrades – you can easily subscribe to add new services and tools we offer to you.

The platform is a scalable, reliable and safe wholesale SMS trading platform, with end-to-end SMS Wholesale Business solutions.

Our 17 years of experience and expertise are trustworthy sources that will guide you into the SMS market and help your business achieve excellent results.

Our SMS Platform was tailored to suit our SMS Business needs, and yes, we offer you the same product we used while we were actively involved in the mass messaging trade. This guarantees you are getting the best software solution for your messaging business. Our SMS business software combines award-winning technology with 17 years of SMS industry expertise and provides a secure environment to conduct business.

HORISEN wholesale messaging platform is not an SMS version of any voice system. It’s built only for SMS and SMS Wholesale Services. Our messaging software has an easy-to-use web portal for your team to manage the daily business: finance, sales, routing, routing statistics, testing, and support.

Did you know?

SMS Platform is tailor-made for our SMS Business needs. We used this platform when we were trading with Bulk SMS. Yes, we offer you the same product we used while we were in the SMS wholesale business. This guarantees you are getting the best SMS trading software from us.


Our sophisticated product is a robust and redundant cloud-based software solution designed for an end-to-end SMS trading. HORISEN's SMS suite provides a top-notch user experience with always-on services, support, and real-time reporting. In the same time it is a turnkey SMS routing and billing solution.

Our web-based approach guarantees low infrastructure costs. You can use our SMS platform without having to invest in infrastructure, administration, software, and support.

No Capex: no hardware to buy / no software to install. This is a fully managed platform: no engineering is needed. No database or operating system has to be licensed.

Billions of messages sent in the last years prove the quality and reliability.

Built for Wholesale

As the voice market margins are continually dropping, the telecommunication industry is struggling to keep up the pace with always-on customers’ demands for new and higher quality services on the one hand, and losing money on the other hand. If you are facing troubles with finding new revenue streams, look no further.

We have 17 years of in-depth knowledge of SMS wholesale market. We know how to detect your strengths and deliver you a comprehensive new business solution that will drive your business forward.

The wholesale SMS Platform empowers you to start your own global wholesale SMS business by supporting you all the way. Create a new revenue stream by trading SMS through our full-service messaging platform. We offer you a complete business solution that secures the highest level of reach, safety, and delivery. Boost your revenue growth and enhance industry performance.

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