Professional SMS Platform for scaling messaging business

Highly robust and reliable HORISEN SMS Platform enables you to run successful wholesale and retail SMS business!

HORISEN SMS Platform is feature-rich, extremely scalable and robust messaging technology solution for managing all aspects of SMS wholesale and retail business. The platform is available either cloud-based or as an on-premise version.

It is a state-of-the-art messaging tool with automated rates import, fully flexible and sales-driven routing, and rule-based routing. Simultaneously, the SMS Platform addresses all aspects of SMS trading business via an easily navigable interface.  This cutting-edge solution offers self-service comprehensive monitoring with more transparency. With powerful APIs, customers can conduct high-quality monitoring of information more independently. Moreover, its high-security standards guarantee a safe environment for growing SMS trading business.

General features:

  • Cloud-based SMS trading platform tailored for wholesale and retail business
  • On-premise solution available on the edge of technology
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface for running SMS trading business
  • Extremely scalable - ability to scale up to billions of messages per month
  • Fully managed platform: no engineering support required
  • No limitations in the number of connections, customers, users, rate plans, etc.
  • Optimized workflow to maximize automation
  • High throughput of +20 Mio SMS/hour, easily extendable
  • Auto-rebinding connection process if a connection is down
  • Intuitive routing engine with sophisticated routing rules and conditions
  • Fully redundant, robust and reliable system: min. 99.999% availability
  • White-label support - brand the portal with your corporate design
  • Support for all existing SMS features
  • Support for all character sets: GSM 03.38, 16 Bit Unicode (Arabic, Asian, Cyrillic)
  • MNP Support: Number portability support to maximize delivery


  • Powerful and laser-precise rule-based routing editor
  • Conditional routing allows total routing control: route based on Sender ID, message content, destination, encoding, etc.
  • Define routing and rules individually for each customer
  • Quality-based routing to achieve "self-healing" routing
  • MNP/HLR-based routing to maximize delivery
  • Load balancing traffic over several suppliers
  • Set routing priority conditions for time-critical traffic
  • Routing changes are activated in less than 10 seconds
  • MO routing for two-way SMS
  • Enhanced least cost routing (LCR)

Rate Plans:

  • Fast and simple price management
  • Rate plans manager with negative margin indicator
  • Integrated currency converter
  • Create standard rate plans or individually tailor-made per customer
  • Create multiple rate plans for the same customer
  • Automatic issuance of the rate changes to the customers
  • Auto import of the suppliers’ price updates

MNP Support:

  • MNP-based routing capability
  • Fast response time: up to 1’000 queries/sec
  • Successful identification of the true hosting mobile operator
  • Utilize precise routing to eliminate ported-number routing quality
  • SMS Platform comes with a connection including wide MNP coverage
  • Connect additional MNP and HLR providers
  • Protocols: https, ENUM

Traffic Flow Control:

  • Priority Control: define delivery priority rules for each connection
  • Sophisticated queue control: buffered SMS can be paused, restarted, prioritized, rerouted, and rejected
  • Control of incoming and outgoing SMS is handled separately
  • DLRs are handled in a separate queue, not to affect SMS traffic
  • Retry schemes based on error codes and routing rules
  • Asynchronous message handling to maximize delivery
  • Throttling: adjustable throughput limits in SMS/second


  • Real-time billing for postpaid and prepaid connections
  • Multiple balances and billing accounts per customer and supplier
  • Credit management and alerts for balance and overdraft
  • Support of multiple currencies, taxes, and languages
  • Easy integration with your existing company billing system with our API
  • Export of CDRs via scheduled uploads to your sFTP server
  • Possibility to use your own existing billing platform

Invoicing & Finance:

  • Automatic invoicing to your customers
  • Management of financial-legal activities such as netting statements and disputes
  • Fast and easy credit top-up including auto-invoicing
  • Define individual payment terms and discounts types
  • Customizable templates for generating invoices
  • Flexible reminder settings for unpaid customer invoices
  • Powerful Finance API for integration with your bookkeeping system
  • Download of detailed financial data as an Excel File


  • Real-time and detailed reporting
  • Comprehensive presentation of commercial and quality data
  • Graphical presentation of results with interactive charts
  • Advanced filter function with high granularity
  • Sophisticated drill-down possibilities
  • Export statistics as Pivot Table for further analysis

Message Log:

  • Browse your CDRs in real-time to find a particular message
  • Ultrafast detection of messages which should be analysed
  • Filter the messages by period, routing, content and DLRs
  • Detailed, complete, and comprehensive data presentation
  • PDU Logs for accelerated message troubleshooting
  • Detailed list of error codes for a quicker interpretation of the facts
  • Create CDR report for messages to analyse
  • Possibility of saving a chosen set of filtering options as a preset


  • Fast and individual export of detailed CDRs
  • Analyse your traffic with flexible data-filtering features
  • Simple data export to Excel/CSV for post-processing purposes
  • Data export via download or FTP to customers' FTP account
  • Scheduled delivery of reports to an email address
  • Advanced financial reporting - far-reaching financial reporting providing a great scope of information to the financial department

Support Tools:

  • DLR testing: test any number «on the fly» to check DLR results
  • HLR/MNP testing: test any number to verify HLR/MNP results
  • Open to connect easily any 3rd Party Testing Solution

Session and Queue Monitoring:

  • (Re)start customer and supplier sessions with a click of a button
  • Track Customers'/Suppliers’ connection status with detailed information
  • Track Suppliers’ traffic queue
  • Monitor MNP queries’ queue for MNP suppliers

High Security Standards:

  • Highly protected platform based on the highest security standards
  • GDPR compliant
  • Data is hosted on HORISEN's servers in Switzerland
  • Systems are collocated in bank-certified data centres
  • Connections are restricted by IP address, only trusted IPs allowed
  • VPN connectivity is available on request
  • Internal watchdog monitors automatically repair system issues

SMS Filter:

  • Content filter for detecting and blocking unsolicited messages
  • Destination filter: SMS are filtered based on recipient lists
  • Originating filter: SMS are filtered based on the Sender ID list
  • Content filter: SMS are filtered based on the message text
  • Individual filter: SMS can be filtered based on your own rules

24/7 managed SMS Platform:

  • High availability of the Platform
  • Fast and competent technical support service
  • 24/7 availability of our professional support team
  • Hands-on system maintenance, problem detection, and problem-solving
  • Dedicated team of developers with in-depth industry know-how


  • Protocols for connecting customers: SMPP, SMPP over SSL, https
  • Protocols for connecting suppliers: SMPP, SMPP over SSL
  • SS7 Protocol: SIGTRAN
  • Protocols for MNP: https, ENUM

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