The HORISEN story

Our Story

Focus on growing your business, let us manage your software

At HORISEN, we believe in the power of mobile messaging. And we are excited to unleash it for you through our fairly-priced, highly intuitive and always surprising communication products. Whether you’re a provider of messaging services looking to grow your profit margins or a marketer looking for creative and effective ways to collect leads, engage clients and drive sales, our products will help you reach your goals.

We also believe that our clients deserve to be free from worrying about transactional and administrative tasks and focus on what matters to them the most – growing their business. This is why we focus heavily on automating and simplifying mobile marketing and messaging services for everyone through our fully-managed software: We’re passionate about inventing and developing products which are always innovative, easy to use and efficient.

The Vision of HORISEN

Our founding

We started our exciting journey back in 2000 with a simple, but powerful idea – make it possible for users to send SMS via an application that they could access through a browser. At the time, the companies providing such apps were called ASPs (application service providers).

Already back then – when ‘cloud services’ and ‘SaaS’ were not these big buzz words they are today – we were (and still are!) strong believers in the browser. We realized early that, with a strong server and a browser, we could bring a horizon of communication opportunities to all types of businesses worldwide. Following our passion for marketing communication and software engineering, we created our very first product – a broadcasting system for SMS «HORISEN Newsletter».

Early beginnings

After HORISEN Newsletter, many other marketing applications came. We soon had tools for each stage of a marketing process – from lead generation to customer recognition. We were quickly recognized as experts in marketing and started receiving requests for doing different tailor-made marketing projects.

With the decision to take on marketing projects and with a lot of SMS traffic on our newsletter tool, we found ourselves building the company on 3 main pillars: software development, marketing projects and SMS trading.

The beginning of the SMS wholesale business

After several years in business, we gained quite a few HORISEN Newsletter customers and aggregated a lot of SMS traffic on the platform, so people started asking us if they could buy traffic from us.

After a glimpse of demand and the insights into how lucrative the SMS wholesale business could be, we started making direct connections all around the world already in 2004. We soon realized that we would need a quality SMS platform to be able to manage all that global wholesale traffic. Given that software engineering is in our DNA and sensing that the new market was coming, we started developing our own SMS trading solution.

At the top

Soon after we started trading and gained a little bit of experience, we realized that the quality of our trading software will make a big difference in how successful we’ll become in this profitable, but competitive business. That’s when we started to seriously invest in our solutions so they can meet our growing needs for automation, flexibility, scalability…

The investment paid off quickly and we soon found ourselves running a multimillion SMS trading business. We were sending a whole lot of SMS every day, amounting to the billions of SMS sent every year. With the software doing the most of our administrative work for us, we were in a good position to focus on sales and keep growing our trading business.

Back to the core

In 2012, our business associates started showing interest into buying our SMS Trading Platform. We saw a good business opportunity there and since software development has had always been our core passion, we decided to “productify” our internal trading solution - pack it into an independent, commercial product that we could offer as a cloud service (SaaS) to everyone interested into SMS trading.

For a while, we were successfully running both businesses in parallel: trading billions of SMS globally and rapidly growing SMS Platform sales. Everything was going smoothly and in 2016 we were looking at closing a huge SMS Platform client. However, just before signing with us, the client realized that we do not comply with a very strict policy of theirs – whatever infrastructure they bought, it had to come from a carrier-neutral vendor. Unfortunately (or fortunately!), we lost the deal because, at that time, we were not a neutral vendor

‘AHA’ moment – Neutrality matters!

When, after a very long negotiation, we lost this big potential deal, it hit us: We can’t have our cake and eat it too! We had to make the decision: do we risk to lose other potential clients by staying in the business and competing with our potential clients; or we carve out our messaging trading business from our company and focus solely on our core passion: software development.

The decision was a tough one to bring as our messaging business was a lucrative, multimillion-dollar source of revenue. However, with software engineering in our blood and with the high confidence in our products, we decided to completely abandon messaging business and focus on pure product development.

With the goal of achieving complete neutrality, we first carved out the messaging part of the business from our company and then sold it 100% to LINK Mobility Group in 2017.

After that, we started to slowly shut down our marketing projects so that marketing agencies could buy our products without the fear that usually comes from buying from the competition (us at that time!).

Today, we can proudly say that we are no longer competitors of our own clients! We no longer provide messaging and marketing services. We now focus on helping our clients replicate our success through our software: Our technology helped us run a multimillion dollar messaging and marketing business and now we are giving it to you so you can do the same!

Current chapter

We now focus on telecom and marketing software products only. We keep utilizing our 18 years of hands-on SMS trading and marketing expertise to create a variety of innovative, award-winning, carrier-neutral, sales-driven and easy-to-use business applications which address all aspects of the telecom and message broadcasting business.

We are currently the only provider to offer all telecom and marketing applications in the messaging value chain from the first hand – from apps for collecting end users’ phone numbers and broadcasting messages (SMS, Viber, Telegram, etc.) to trading solutions for wholesale and retail to helper and tester tools.

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