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Development of innovative software products for Telecom & Marketing is our passion.

HORISEN is a product-oriented software company specialized in developing cutting-edge products for Telecom and Mobile Marketing.

We develop software solutions for Mobile Operators, Voice & SMS Carriers, SMS Aggregators, OTTs and Enterprises of all sizes. Our products empower telecom service providers to run SMS wholesale & enterprise business. Enterprises use our products to run their own messaging business and to carry out mobile marketing activities to support sales. 

HORISEN was in the Bulk SMS business for 17 years. During this period we’ve done a multimillion business as an aggregator. In the same time, we were developing our SMS Platform software as we saw that there was a big demand on the market for such SMS platforms. We believe so much in our platform that we decided to exit the messaging market from an aggregation perspective. We successfully sold our trading business and now focus entirely on software development. HORISEN is 100% carrier neutral and fully committed to delivering the best SMS software to our clients which will help them run a lucrative wholesale SMS business.

Our software and business applications combine award-winning technology with 17 years of SMS industry expertise and provide a secure environment to conduct business. With our strong customer orientation and professionalism, we have become a reliable partner for our customers. Regardless of whether it comes to simple marketing application or important business-critical software application in the telecommunications field, you can always rely on us.

Our team of professionals has a vast amount of experience from the Software Service industry, Telecommunications, and Marketing. Therefore, we continuously deliver innovative solutions.

Privately owned company, founded in 2001

Headquarter in Rorschach (Switzerland)

More than 90 employees (60 Software Developers)

More than 1,200 customers worldwide in cross-industries

Our customers range from SMEs to Fortune Global 500 companies

Focused on telecom software development

All our services are made 100% in-house

All services we offer run on our hardware


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