HORISEN SMS Platform – the SMS trading platform for professional messaging business


All-in-one trading solution for successful wholesale and retail messaging business

As the only SMS Platform provider that has two decades of hands-on SMS wholesale and retail experience, HORISEN SMS Platform defines the state of excellence in delivery. It is designed to meet customers’ growing needs for automation, flexibility, robustness, speed and scalability. The Platform is extremely sales-driven and 100% vendor-neutral.

HORISEN SMS Platform is the turn-key SMS trading solution ideal for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), MVNOs, Telecom operators like Voice Carriers and SMS Aggregators, OTTs, Entreprises, etc. allowing its users to manage all aspects of their SMS trading business from a single place.
It is blasting fast, with extremely high throughput, and comes with all other modules needed for automated and efficient management of daily SMS trading operations.

Highly scalable

HORISEN SMS Platform is extremely scalable, enabling you to scale up your SMS business to billions of messages per month.

Extremely robust and reliable

HORISEN SMS Platform is the most robust SMS gateway application, providing the highest availability and reliability for the messaging services you offer.


As a cloud-based messaging technology solution, the entire wholesale and retail SMS trading business is manageable with minimum capital expenditure and minimized costs of operation.


The on-premise version of HORISEN SMS Platform is completely installed in customers’ own infrastructure and can run in one or multiple locations. Our software synchronizes all locations so that they work together as one system.

Feature-rich and vendor-neutral

HORISEN SMS Platform is 100% vendor-neutral with comprehensive set of features for managing and optimizing SMS wholesale and retail business.

White-label customer portal

HORISEN SMS Platform is a very customer-oriented solution with its white-label support that offers the possibility of branding the portal with your own corporate design.

Multi-award-winning messaging solution

HORISEN SMS Platform has been awarded multiple awards as the Best SMS Platform Provider for wholesale and retail solution.

All-in-one platform for running the entire SMS trading business

Run the entire SMS wholesale business and resell SMS traffic all over the world from a single place with minimal manual work!

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Vendor-neutrality and ability to scale up to billions of messages per month make HORISEN a one-stop shop for cutting-edge messaging technology.

HORISEN messaging technology solutions rise your messaging business to the next level!

Reach out to one of our experts to help you select the most suitable SMS trading solution for your business.